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Best Auto Change Wallpapers Apps for Windows 10

Do you remember that feature from Windows, which makes the wallpapers from the Windows 10 Lock Screen to change dynamically? We do, too, and we love it! Unfortunately, not so many persons really know how to make it work, and Windows doesn’t really help here, either.

It does not have a feature that downloads wallpapers from the internet to place them as the background of the Desktop. We are here to tell you which are the best three Windows apps that can make your Lock Screen change the pictures automatically.

We are going to talk about Wallpaper Studio 10, Dynamic Theme, and Daily Desktop Wallpaper. These three are found in the Microsoft Store.

Best Auto Change Wallpapers Apps for Windows 10

Wallpaper Studio 10

This app is kind of complex, and it has many features. By using this tool, you can look for your favorites in a library of thousands of wallpapers, collections that are created by different publishers, or only users from the community.

All of these collections can be set as slideshows for the Desktop or for the Lock Screen. You can look at them in terms of popularity, categories, or country. Besides all of these, you can also create custom collections, by choosing your favorite photos from your computer.

Dynamic Theme

This is definitely the best tool from this list, and it does its job wonderfully. The app allows you to change your wallpaper to daily images from Windows Spotlight or Bing.

You can add custom images, and the tool will then simply show your collection, with the photos from your computer. The same goes for the Lock Screen. By using this tool, you can also keep the same wallpaper on both the Lock Screen and the Desktop background at the same time.

It also has many other features, such as it autosaves the new images which are available on both Bing and Windows Spotlight. You can also customize the region so that you will get relevant pictures for your background. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to download the images, and there’s an option for that. There’s also the option to sync settings across different devices.

Daily Desktop Wallpaper

This one is quite simple to understand. And it is worth mentioning that the app was made only for those of you who are interested in Bing wallpapers. The tool gets Bing Daily Wallpapers for the specific region you are in.

There are up to 8 wallpapers, and they all come with a short description. It keeps updating the Lock Screen and the Desktop images every day. You can choose a folder in which you can save the wallpapers, as well. Make sure you customize the resolution because that’s yet another feature that allows you to make the most out of the app. We are hoping that at least one of these apps caught your attention.


They’re all excellent programs that help you change the Lock Screen background and the Desktop background automatically. Don’t forget that you can get them for free from the Microsoft Store. The apps won’t make any other changes to your computer.



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