Best Buy May Have The Prices For Next-Gen Consoles

A lot of rumors related to the potential prices of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation have surfaced in recent weeks. The fact that Microsoft and Sony seem quite determined to keep prices a secret until the devices are ready for launch to add more fuel on top of the rumor fire.

Eagle-eyed internet users have spotted an interesting notice on the bottom of the official Best Buy pages for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The notice is a small advertisement that offers 18 months financing for the purchase of at least $499 or above.

Potential prices

While the advertisement seems to have a pretty standard wording, some internet users argued that the next generation of consoles could cost at least $499, which would make them eligible for the financing system offered by Best Buy.

Those who have a Best Buy credit card have the option to make a purchase and pay it within 18 months without the need to pay interest. Buyers who don’t have a Best Buys credit card will have to pay a variable interest rate, which varies based on products that are purchased and how fast they want to pay them.

Likely to be unlikely

At first sight, the argument that the next-gen consoles couold cost at least $499 might seem credible, but there are several facts that go against it. The biggest one is that the financial advertisement is present across the website for purchases that meet the value.

It is also worth noting that Best Buy offers financing options for the purchase of all the consoles which are sold by the popular store and most of the other electronic devices, including TVs or appliances. The $499 could also be a place holder before the official prices are revealed.

The real prices could be released a few days before the consoles will hit the market.

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