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Best DSLR Cameras At The Moment

Of course, everybody is a photographer these days when a smartphone packed with a good camera can be own by anybody. Taking photos and recording videos are both highly fun activities, like capturing those moments when you’re at school, at work, on a journey to another country, at the beach, and so on. DSLR cameras are the best out there.

But regardless of how powerful the camera from your phone is, a professional DSLR will always be superior. But choosing the right gadget can be a difficult process, so we’re here to help you with recommendations.

Best DSLR Cameras At The Moment

Sony Alpha ILCE-7RM3 (Body) Mirrorless Camera

This tech beauty is packed with an image sensor of 42.4 MP, along with exciting features like animal eye autofocus working in real-time. You can also use the gadget for video recording in 4K format, which is excellent news. What else could you possibly want from a DSLR camera?
Sony Alpha ILCE-7RM3 (Body) sells for 1,89,000 in India.

Nikon D850 (Body) Digital SLR Camera

This is another great way of becoming the soul of a party, as people around you will be begging for a photo. This DSLR is equipped with a 45.7 MP sensor, and it also can record in the 4K format. The future of high-resolution photos and videos is looking good when you have this device at your disposal. It even retails for only Rs. 1,98,000.

Nikon Z7 (Body) Mirrorless Camera

Do you want to capture highly detailed photos at a festival or concert, where you can explore the diversity of the public? Then you can choose this DSLR, as it’s capable shooting clear images with its 45.7 MP sensor, and also recording in the beloved 4K format and even in 8K. This camera retails for Rs. 2,48,500.

Surely you’ll find a great deal among the above-mentioned DSLR cameras, as taking the photos you always wanted will seem easier than ever.



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