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Best Games Where You Are the Bad Guy

If you’re also tired of games where the forces of good always prevail, then you’re not alone. We too are tired of them, as we all know that life doesn’t always go as having a happy end for the outcome. If you always wanted to be an actor and play the role of the bad guy, then this list is clearly for you.
Of course, it’s not mandatory that our selections are universal truths, so feel free to comment if you have any other proposals. Let’s dive deep into the subject!

Best Games Where You Are the Bad Guy

The GTA series

We just can’t rule out the games from the Grand Theft Auto series, as they’re the most popular. Pretty much all of them are having bad guys as the protagonist characters, and all the story from each game is about climbing among the ranks of becoming a successful and respected crook.

The same goes for GTA San Andreas, GTA 5, GTA 4, and so on. Well, in GTA 4 the protagonist Niko Belic wasn’t actually a crook, being just a war veteran that came to the States for a better life. But he later got involved in all sorts of illegal activities like killing, stealing, persecution, and so on. And of course, that makes him a bad guy!

The Darkness

Being a bad guy is one thing, but being truly evil is the next level. That’s why we’ve nominated Jackie Estacado from The Darkness game, a guy possessed by an ancient death demon. Although Jackie has good intentions towards his friends and family, he’s ruthless beyond belief with those who dare to bother him. The guy doesn’t hesitate to use a series of demonic attacks when he thinks they’re necessary.

Mafia 2

This is another open-world game that unfolds a place where crimes and corruption are thriving. Set in the ’40s and ’50s, you’re in charge of a guy named Vito Scaletta. He has to do a lot of dirty jobs for the Mafia, like killing, harassing, and so on. All the storyline is based on illegal activity, which makes Vito a very bad guy.

Mafia 2 is a masterpiece for the gaming world, as it showcases very faithfully the harsh reality of the mob from more than half a century ago. It’s a world where even your best friend can betray you for money, and death is lurking behind the shadows with each step you make.

These are our top picks of the best games where you are the bad guy, and surely you will find it useful to try them out if you haven’t already.



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