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Best Google Maps Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Experience

Google Maps is one of the best services offered by the tech behemoth from Mountain View. The app is insanely popular, along with Waze, a similar navigation app also created by Google. It became almost impossible nowadays to travel somewhere by your car and not use a navigation app like Google Maps.

But did you know that there are plenty of exciting features on Google’s navigation app that most people don’t know about? Here we’ll be covering just that.

Find out where you parked your car

Perhaps anybody forgot at least once where he parked his car after he left it. Setting up Google Maps to remind you where your car is located is a piece of cake. All you have to do is open the app, tap on the blue dot that represents your location, and then hit the option that says ‘set as parking location’. After you leave the car, Google will easily tell you how to walk towards it.

Use the Explore Tab

This is available only for phones. The Explore tab from the Google Maps app will make it easier for users to find new interesting things to do in their city. You just have to open the app and search for “bars nearby” (or anything else you’re looking for).

 Time travel in Street View

Scientists are trying to find a way to travel in time, but until they come with any time machine, it’s good to know that a virtual one is already available in Street View of Google Maps. Users can see how certain locations have changed over time through the perspective of Google’s cameras. However, it’s necessary for a location to have this feature available. To activate ‘time travel’, you have to drag your Pegman (the little yellow guy in the bottom right corner) to a street to go for Street View. Next, tap the clock image to see how history has been unfolded.

Never stay in line again

Google Maps can also help you to not stay in line at a restaurant when you’re hungry. Google uses live data to show its users when a place is likely to be the most crowded. Simply look for the restaurant in Google Maps and head for the “Popular Times” option.

With features like these, your experience in using Google Maps will always be fun and helpful.



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