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Best Instant Messaging Apps So Far In 2020

Of course, you’ll always have to choose from a long list of messaging apps, and never get enough of checking them. From specially designed instant messaging apps for busy professionals, sticker-lovers, gamers, to security-conscious, we’ve got the most excellent apps so far of 2020!

Line or The One With All the Cool Stickers

Line is an app with sleek, fun stuff and a never-ending list of stickers hugely praised in Asia. You can choose from lots of sets of stickers for free, or buy them to get even more. Line is pretty much similar to Facebook, Twiter, and Skype. It seems all those apps had been rolled into one.

It also has a multi-platform skill (smartphone, tablet, PC), group chats, media sharing, recorded voice messages, and much more. Oh, and you’ll be surprised to see that even celebrities appreciate the Line app!

Discord or The One That Gamers Prefer

Discord is the perfect app for all the gamers out there, with a sleek chat, audio and video calls, and other features, as well. The app has been designed especially for the gaming community.

Users can enjoy instant invite links, private and public messaging, the skill to organized in guilds, member roles for servers, and find out what games your friends are playing at the moment. Discord is also utilized by Twitch streamers, Reddit communities, or YouTubers.

Skype or The One With the Best Video Calling Skill

Skype is an original go-to app for video calls, probably the most praised out there. It got upgraded a lot over time, and now it has a more modern design and works perfectly on mobile devices! And lots of fun, animated emoji, and GIFs. There are still some paid options for sending SMS messages or calling, but such a thing shouldn’t bother you at all.

Facebook Messenger or The Famous One

Facebook is, as much as you want or don’t want to admit, the app of our generation. The Facebook Messenger app is simple to navigate, and you can find lots of GIFs, stickers, or emoji. You can send messages, call, or share photos anytime you want.

WhatsApp aka The Great Overall Messaging App

Even if WhatsApp made it to the end of our list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. This one the most popular among the instant messaging apps out there, and it is very easy to understand and use. It has features such as messaging, voice and video calling, group chats, voice messages, emoji, GIFs, and you can send from photos, videos, to documents!



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