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Best iOS 13 Privacy And Security Tips And Tricks

Owners of iPhone 6s or newer smartphones or iPod Touch of the 7th generation might have already received the notification with iOS 13 update. Everyone talks about the new system-wide dark mode, Apple Arcade, and other novelties that the latest iOS release brings. However, iOS 13 also comes with different features. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best iOS 13 privacy and security tips and tricks.

Best iOS 13 Privacy And Security Tips And Tricks

Location Controls

iOS 13 brings better user control on how we can limit apps in accessing our location. Now, we can select only temporary access to the location. Accordingly, each time we run an application that needs to ‘read’ our current location, that respective app will ask for access.

Stop Bluetooth Access

Dozens of iOS 13 apps will ask you to grant them access to send data over Bluetooth. That might permit applications to pinpoint your locations via Bluetooth beacons from where you travel, such as stores, university campuses, and so on. In iOS 13, we can turn off Bluetooth access for specific applications.

Sharing Pics With No Location Tags

Obviously, you may want to share photos with your friends and family. However, sometimes, you want to hide your location. On default, in iOS 13, sharing pics comes with location tags. If you’re going to keep your privacy, then don’t forget to access the newly available feature to delete location data before sending photos.

No More Private or Unknown Numbers

The call blocker in iOS 13 is quite smart. When activated, this function will search for unsaved numbers in your contact list, emails, and messages so that it won’t block those callers that you may know. But, you can set it to block all private or unknown numbers, if you want – no more spam calls for you!

Block Website Permissions in Safari on iOS 13

Sometimes, webpages access your device’s microphone, cameras, and more without visibly asking for permissions. Now, in iOS 13, you can tackle that using the Safari browser on your device. You can do that in Safari -> Settings section. Also, you can block cross-site tracking, a feature that allows ad networks to track down your browsing behavior over various sites.



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