Best Popcorn Time Alternatives – Get the Best Apps from Here

Everyone loves movies, and we know that Popcorn time is one of the best apps out there for movies and tv shows. You can download them and watch them from your laptop or from your browser. However, it has its ups and downs, and sometimes you wish you’d had an alternative to Popcorn time. We are here to give you some other options.

Best Popcorn Time Alternatives


Hulu is, by far, the best alternative from here. You will have to pay for the service, but it’s only $7.99 a month. In case you want to watch a movie or something that aired on TV, you can arrange the program quickly. OS X, Android, and Mac are all supported on Hulu.


this one is straightforward to understand since it’s an adaptable app, in which you can change the interface.

For Windows PC, there are about 90.000 movies for you to download on your PC. Consoles support it, too. You can also stream music with this app, no matter the genre. There are also many sports channels and about 550 radio broadcasts.

Cinema Box

This is the place to watch HD movies. You can get them on your phone quickly, and you’ll be pleased to find that there are many genres. It also comes with a top pick category, where you can add your favorite movies and watch them later. iOS users should get the app for their iPods or iPads.


This one is also good if you want to watch HD movies. You can watch and stream films of different genres with this app, as well. There are popular recordings, movies, and tv shows.

Couch Potato

Here you can find all the best movies and tv shows. It has the alternative of auto-download, which will download your tv shows and movies without any trouble. It also comes with a caption office, from where you can see captions in their language or one of your choice. This one is not free. It costs $7.95 per month.

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