Best VPN Solutions for iPhone and iPad

As the quarantine continues to keep at home people around the world, the usage of the Internet continues to grow. Due to the incorrect use of the Internet, people might get troubled by different issues. From personal data use, spam e-mails, to unsafe payments. To avoid such problems, people are advised to use a VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to play games that are blocked in some regions, access blocked webpages, keep their location hidden, or hide their identity online. If you are looking for a steady VPN for your iPhone or iPad, there are some versions you might want to try.

Best VPN Solutions for iPhone and iPad

VPN by TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a well-known VPN supplier. Its servers are available in more than 22 countries and are 256 bit encrypted for extra protection. The free variant offers up to 500mb data, and much more if you choose a premium service. TunnelBear subscription will cost you $4,99/month. It has been reviewed with 4,8 stars.

VPN by SurfEasy

SurfEasy is probably one of the most praised VPN apps. It is 256 bit encrypted, and the free variant provides up to 500mb for every region out there. But, you can choose to increase that option with some in-app actions, too. All the countries and services can be unlocked for $2,99/month. The option will offer you unlimited data access. SurfEasy was reviewed with 4,4 stars so far.

VPN by Proxy Betternet

Proxy Betternet is available for iOS only for free. It doesn’t require any card details or other registrations info. The free variant comes with limited servers to connect to, but unlimited data. Proxy Betternet also has a premium option, for $11,9/month, and a 7-days free trial. On the App Store, it scored 4,6 stars.

VPN by Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is better if used with iOS devices. You won’t have to register or add any card details. It offers unlimited data, hides the IP address, keeps you anonymous, and hide your location. Hotspot Shield has a premium version, too, for $12,99/month.

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  1. I’d switch Betternet with Atlas VPN. Betternet has been confirmed to logging user info of 14 different libraries, which is most out of all VPN providers. Atlas VPN on the other hand provides the same benefits, besides advertising and logging info.

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