Best Weapons To Win A PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Match

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One of the most appreciated games worldwide is PUBG, a battleground gaming experience that is available on many platforms, including the mobile phones via PUBG Mobile.

The most important achievement for the gamers playing PUBG is to win a Chicken Dinner. This term refers to a mission that includes 100 players that need to fight with each other to succeed. The last one that survives is the winner of this mode, and to do so, players need to be equipped with the best weapons.

Contrary to the most common practices that find players going to war unarmed, it is vital to bring with your guns and ammunition. Here is a list of the best weapons to choose from during a PUBG Mobile match.

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile

The most important thing to do is to find a gun that would defend your character. Close quarter weapons are essential when the enemy is positioned very close to you. The pistols are a wise choice, but keep in mind that only one shit can be fired at a time. The shotguns are known for their ability to kill the opponent with only one shot in the head.

Long-range weapons are an impressive choice to defeat the enemies far away, but be careful not to waste too much ammunition. M24 is amongst the most powerful being able to kill an opponent with just one headshot. Kar98 has impressive accuracy and an increased damage rate, but it is tough to find this weapon. SCAR is the perfect choice when your opponent is situated on a moving vehicle.

Only one 5.9mm spray is sufficient to blow up the entire car. Beryl M762 is the ideal weapon to be used in any condition, featuring 7.62mm ammunition and the possibility to switch between modules. AWM comes with limited ammo but is a remarkable asset for a sniper given its damage rate and precision in PUBG Mobile.

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