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Biggest Game of 2020: FIFA 21 or Cyberpunk 2077?

While everybody is waiting breathlessly for official info about GTA 6, it’s almost certain that Rockstar won’t launch the game this year. But yet again, we still have some exciting titles to choose from as the biggest game of 2020.

By the end of the current year, Sony and Microsoft will bring to the market their next-generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, relatively. The two gaming machines will most likely have backward compatibility. This means that games available for previous versions of PlayStation and Xbox can also run on PS5 and Xbox Series X, respectively.

Time to vote

Let us know in a comment below what game do you think it will be the best in 2020. You have plenty of titles to choose from: FIFA 21, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, The Last Of Us Part 2, Marvel’s Avengers, etc. Just type in your choice and see what the others have to say.

Our hopes are going for FIFA 21, which is expected to be released around September. This is the usual release time for all FIFA titles. These games have constantly been evolving, from a stage when players looked bland and with very poor graphics, to a stage where ultra-high graphics and realistic gameplay are dominating. The previous FIFA 20 game was a big increase for the FIFA 19 since it brought more leagues and advanced gameplay. FIFA 21 will most likely take it all to the next level, and we can’t wait to delight our eyes with it. According to the latest rumors, the Greek league will arrive for FIFA 21, and it has some interesting teams: Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, PAOK Thessaloniki, etc. FIFA 21 will be an awesome football simulation game, ideal for the lovers of this wonderful sport.

What is your opinion? Gaming has so much to offer in 2020!



  1. Has the Internet even heard of Predator Hunting Grounds? Not that it will be the best game ever but it just doesn’t get mentioned much anywhere.


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