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“Black Desert Online” MMO Is Inventing A New Market

When it comes to the MMO games from the last decade, the things have changed a lot. Many of the MMO is now in a free-to-play model, and not on the subscription and premium purchases state. Of course, not all the MMOs are going in that direction, so is the case of Black Desert Online. According to the CEO of Pearl Abyss America, who is the developer of Black Desert Online, the game has two directions.

Jeong-hee Jin is the CEO of Black Desert Online, and his opinion is different when it comes to MMO. He is saying that it depends on who you ask and what they want to play. Some users will like the modern games with freedom, while other players are more into the old-school game, such as Runescape. The old-school games are still an option for many users, and the basic experiences are the best.

“Black Desert Online” MMO Is Inventing A New Market

Pearl Abyss had to continuously improve Black Desert Online for having success in a world of live-service games. So, the developers have changed some things for the game, such as the engine, they made in their own way, or the technologies overall. The game needs improvement over time because the mobile players must experience the Universe of Black Desert even on the phone.

Also, the developer Pearl Abyss is following the evolution of technology and trends for Black Desert Online. They are now officially on for the cross-play support for the consoles PS4 and Xbox One. That means that Black Desert Online will have constant updates and a greater community, even unified. This thing could lead to a part of the players that will buy the game and play it as one of the greatest hobbies. In either case, Black Desert Online will be enjoyable for one part of the users, and it will always be the other part of players that are enjoying the simple, classic MMO.



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