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Blizzcon 2019: Diablo 4’s combat combines the best aspects of previous Diablo games

One of the hottest subjects among developers and designers at Blizzcon 2019  appears to be learning experiences. Developers are deeply analyzing the whole Diablo franchise

Developers of Diablo 4 believe that the lessons of the past can be used to put together an amazing combat system. The new installment of the franchise will allow players to dispatch hordes of demons in ways that were never seen before, and also the gameplay will be smoother than ever.



Druids from Diablo 2 will return, alongside wolf companions and the entire roster. Wielding Earth and Storm magic, these shapeshifters can switch between animal forms, allowing players to access skills that belong to both werewolf and werebear forms.

However, perhaps the most amazing thing regarding this is the fact that players can switch between forms quickly, according to the skill that they desire to use.

Barbarians, a mainstay of the franchise, can now equip up to four weapons at once: two single handed weapons and another pair of dual wield weapons and the ability to seamlessly switch between weapons only makes it better. Also, Barbarians can equip more legendary weapons than any other class.

The Sorceress class is also making a comeback, allowing players to bend the elements of fire, ice and lightning to their will while casting some well known spells, but also a few new ones.


Customization at its finest

The return of the skills and talent trees allow players to specialize their adventures on a more advanced level.

The specific fast paced combat of the Diablo games allow players to quickly defeat their foes while also making the entire experience more immersive thanks to a vivid, visceral way of details. 



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