Blossom Blast Saga Update 83.1.5 Comes With New Levels

Millions of smartphone owners from all over the world love to play mobile games on their devices every day. The Saga series developed by King has been a source of fun since Candy Crush Saga was released a few years ago.

Prepare your wits and fingers for another exciting linking experience in Blossom Blast Saga, a fresh take on the popular match-three genre that is beloved across the world. Pair flowers of the same type to assemble beautiful blossoms and clear flowerbeds at a fast pace.

Iconic gameplay experience

Enjoy the same match-three experience that you know and love! Create combos of three or more flowers to fill the screen of your device with lovely colors. With each flower bud that is added into the mix, you can create a massive chain of combos that will boost your score.

Assemble an impressive collection of flowers as you use a set of limited moves to beat levels and progress through the game. Use your skills to link flowerbeds, and you will find handy Awesome Blossom and Flower Power power-ups that can give a generous advantage while tackling a puzzle.

Diverse and engaging

The game comes with a lot of content as you can match-and-mix flowers in more than 600 levels that will put your skills to the test while you are on the commute, in bed, or waiting in line. There are lots of interesting levels with unique visuals, including Carnival Garden and the Dreamy Meadow.

Try one of the four additional puzzle modes to sharpen your mind. Collect Flowers will ask you to link a series of colored flowers in a sequence. Hit the highest score by linking three of a kind in Bloom in Scoring. Use flowers to battle weeds in Remove Weeds and unite smaller flowers or flower buds In Big Flower Bud.

The latest update, 83.1.5, comes with fresh levels.

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