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Blu-ray Players Made By Samsung Are Affected By a Global Glitch

It Is not unusual to encounter some problems when technology is involved, as many users had faced a glitch or two when they tried to use one of their devices. However, it is quite rare to see devices that are affected by a glitch all over the world.

Owners of Samsung Blu-ray players have reported that their devices have started to reboot randomly, while also being affected by bugs that rendered them unusable. Thousands of reports have been shared online, and there is no fix in sight, at least for now.

Thousands of reports

Blu-ray owners that are affected by the issues have complained about a large number of social media and technology discussions platforms. The consensus is that the devices have entered an endless start-up loot after they were turned on, an issue experienced by many users.

Others have also noted that their devices remain partially functional but will not respond to remote control commands, shut down automatically after being turned on, and make strange noises that are similar to attempts of reading a disk, even if not disk has been inserted.

Global havoc

Early reports started to arrive a few days ago, according to sources that have covered the topic. The problem is not limited to a single model, as users have noted that at least four different models have featured these issues, with the most common one being the reboot loop.

Samsung has acknowledged the problem and has stated that it is being investigated for now, and an update will be shared once the roots of the problems will be identified.  Some users have started to share their own theories related to the appearance of the problem, with a faulty firmware update, being pegged as the favorite culprit. Others have argued that an expired SSL certificate could also be the source.

A fix should be provided by Samsung as soon as possible.



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