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Boeing’s Starliner makes it back to Earth after aborting ISS mission

Boeing’s Starliner landed safely in the New Mexico desert on Sunday, putting an end to the suspense it has provoked over the past week. The return of the Starliner was praised as a huge achievement even though it failed to complete its main target of docking at the International Space Station.

The Starliner failed to meet its objective because of a malfunctioning internal clock which made it fly as if it was pointed differently all along the journey, ultimately entering the wrong orbit, never to dock at the International Space Station as planned.

Scientists and engineers are now processing data from the Starliner’s trip to improve it for future manned missions. The Starliner project is supposed to be the first American-launched space travel ship ever since NASA decommissioned their space fleet eight years ago.

The landing

NASA scientists and engineers were pleased to see a trio of blue, red and white parachutes opening up and slowly gliding into the White Sands Missile Range of the Army.

However, it didn’t all go without a hitch: The capsule was transporting food, holiday presents, clothes and other miscellaneous cargo which was meant to be dropped off at the International Space Station. 

Jim Bridenstine’s statement

The administrator of NASA seems to be pleased with the results of the mission, disregarding the fact that it missed its target objective: 

“We did not make it to the International Space Station. We did not dock. But the spacecraft flew exceptionally well, and then of course, we brought the spacecraft home, for the first time landing a capsule on land in the United States,” he stated.



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