Boom Beach 41.116 Update Introduces New Troops, Changes, And Other Improvements

The Google Play Store is filled with strategy titles that promise the ability to become the ruler of an emerging kingdom in an overused medieval fantasy setting. Developed by Supercell, the popular studio behind the iconic Clash of Clans, Boom Beach offers a thrilling experience as players will have to use tactics and strategy to ruin the schemes of the evil Blackguard.

About Boom Beach

Boom Beach combines a fun singleplayer campaign with multiplayer features, allowing players to work together in an attempt to bring down enemy bases. The focus of the campaign is the fight against the elusive Blackguard, a rogue military force that has invaded the archipelago.

Led by a trio of nefarious figures, the Blackguard plans to convert the local population into slaves and collect Power Stones, a valuable resource that can enhance the potency of key buildings.

Players will attack Blackguard bases to gather gold, wood, stone, and iron, which are needed to perform a variety of tasks, among which we can count upgrades for troops and speedboat, combat initiation, and the construction and improvement of buildings. New upgrades will offer the option to use powerful troops and built valuable buildings.

The fights against Blackguards will involve assaults on their basses, which begin with a trip on a speedboat that carries troops. Once the target destination is reached, troops will arrive on the beach with the help of landing crafts, and begin to track down and hunt enemy units.

What’s new in the latest Boom Beach update?

Joint Task Forces to learn valuable information about mighty Power Bases and assault them during Task Force Operations. Coordinate along with other players to beat the powerful defenses and destroy these bases for access to a rich resource bounty.

The Boom Beach 41.116 update introduces new troops, shop changes, an enhanced trading system, and bug fixes.

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