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Boom Beach Update 43.66 Comes With HQ 24

One of the greatest advantages offered by smartphones is represented by the fact that exciting video games are only a tap away, delivering quick bursts of entertainment that can be enjoyed while commuting, waiting in line, or in bed.

Boom Beach, made by the brilliant minds behind Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, offers a thrilling mixture between base-building and furious assaults against rivals as players fight to defend their base and breach other bases in search of treasures and resources that can be used for improvements.

Lead the assault

Wage battles against the the Blackguard as you put your witts to test in an exciting combat strategy title. Lead attacks on enemy bases and free enslaved islanders, find elusive secrets, and collect resources. Scout the location to learn more about its vulnerabilities and boom the beach!

Fight alone or join a Task Force and to raid bases with other players and tackle great challenges that provide enhanced rewards. There are millions of players that enjoy the game every day and an equal number of bases that await to be raided, looted, and defeated.

Great features

Roam a massive archipelago and learn more about the story behind the powerful Life Crystals. PvE challenges will offer thrilling battles as players must defeat the Blackguards and face powerful bosses that will put their troops to the test. Share the adventure with friends as Task Force members can access great co-op missions.

Spend resources to upgrade troops, buildings, and the gunboat, unlocking powerful improvements that will pave the way towards victory. Showcase your skill against rival players in engaging PvP battles and several game modes that will provide entertainment for countless hours.

The latest update for the game, 43.66, comes with HQ24, the mighty Mech troop, as well as balance and progression changes that enhance the gameplay.



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