Borderlands 3​ Will Get Its First In-game Event​

Despite the fact that Borderlands 3 was released only two weeks ago, it has already reached a peak in popularity all over the world. In any case, the game was being developed for years, and the anticipation for it was incredibly high in the last months.

The developers behind Borderlands 3 are aware of the fact that they have to keep the millions of players curious about its ‘shoot-and-loot’ title. They have already announced that Borderlands 3​ is going to get its first in-game event, which is called ‘Bloody Harvest.’

The In-game Event Is Now Confirmed

The developers from Gearbox Software, who is in charge of ​Borderlands 3​ announced during a new video that the game would receive its first in-game event. As we mentioned earlier, the event comes under the name ‘Blood Harvest,’ and it is set to roll out to excited players in late October. Taking into consideration the date, it should not seem surprising that the event is going to he inspired by Halloween.

Gearbox Software already confirmed that the event is going to he Halloween-inspired. Moreover, they also talked about the fact that the new event will come with a set of new haunted antagonists in a new region known as the Heck area. The foes will allegedly impede the gamer’s vision with horror.

It is also important to note that Bloody Harvest is going to come with a new boss, known as Captain Haunt. Borderlands 3​ players will now be able to gear ‘anointed’ attachments that are going to make it possible for them to bring fright to other gamers.

Lastly, we want to inform you that the forthcoming Borderlands 3​ in-game event is going to be free to everyone who has acquired the game.

Even so, fans will have to advance sufficiently far to leave Pandora and to get the option of visiting Sanctuary III to be able to access the free event.

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