Borderlands 3 DLC ‘Guns, Love, and Tentacles’ Launched With New Content and Hotfixes

The Borderlands 3 update was expected to go live at 4 pm GMT yesterday. Despite rumors that it would be delayed, the new Borderlands 3 DLC, ‘Guns, Love, and Tentacles,’ launched.

Borderlands 3 DLC Launched

The update was released, and the fans can’t wait to find out if Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs will complete their wedding ceremony. The important thing is that the game will be launched this afternoon! We don’t have to wait that long to play the game and find out all the tiny little details and new features.

The Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC is the second DLC for Borderlands 3, and it is available on the PS4, Xbox One, PC platforms. The game will also arrive at the Google Stadia platform at some point. Here’s the official news from the 2K Team:

“The only thing more precious than loot is love. It’s time for a joyous celebration now that Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs have announced their upcoming nuptials. The adventurous couple has invited you and your fellow Vault Hunters to a surprisingly dangerous engagement party, hosted on the planet of Xylourgos where a huge monster lies frozen above a decrepit village.”

What’s New in the Latest Borderlands 3 DLC?

The new DLC brings new content, improvements, and bug fixes to Borderlands 3. According to the official patch notes, as regarding the new content, we’ll get support for Borderlands 3 campaign, guardian rank skills, add-on Game Menus, and more.

Also, stability and performance improvements have been introduced in the ‘Guns, Love, and Tentacles’ DLC pack. Nonetheless, UI and FX enhancements are available, along with several mission balances and changes and some bug fixes to fix the reported issues in Borderlands 3. Weapon adjustments are also available, which made the gameplay more balanced than ever.

For the full patch notes for the new Borderlands 3 DLC, check the official page here.

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