Borderlands 3 Getting Cross-play, but Not on PlayStation

Borderlands 3 is ready to roll out an update that allows cross-play across different platforms, but Sony has asked the developers to remove this feature for the PlayStation. As of now, it seems Xbox, PC, and Stadia players will be able to play together without any issues. However, things are very different for borderlands 3 players on the PlayStation 4 & 5.

According to a tweet by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, they have been asked to remove cross-play support due to a certification issue with the publisher.

Sony has been very hesitant to allow cross-play in the past with certain publishers even having to pay extra fees to add the feature to their games. There could be a similar situation this time around with publisher 2K games refusing to pay Sony, thus removing cross-play from the upcoming update.

One example of this policy was discussed in the Epic vs Apple trial where it was revealed that Epic Games had to pay Sony extra fees to enable cross-play for Fortnite. According to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, Sony was the only company that required payment in order to implement this feature.

Borderlands 3 Director's Cut
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Hopefully, both parties can eventually come to some sort of an agreement and not make PlayStation players feel left behind. Thankfully, it looks like all other platforms will have cross-play functionality very soon with the update all but ready for release.

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