Borderlands 3 will Feature a Series of Anniversary Events

A decade has passed since the first Borderlands title was released. While several looter shooter games were released in the wake of the successful franchise few have managed to capture even a part of the original spirit.

To mark the anniversary of the famous franchise Gearbox has announced a series of events that offer spectacular rewards for Borderlands 3 players. Read below to learn more about them and the exact schedule.

The week one event is already available, and it will last until October 7. Players will receive extra loot after vanquishing game bosses, and the chances to obtain a neat legendary have been boosted. Even if you already have your favorite weapons there is always the chance to get something better.

The remaining events are a secret for now, as only the names offer a hint about them. Week Two will feature a focus on rare hunts while Week Three seems to be built around collecting and using Eridium, an element that is quite handy. Streaming will play an important role during Week 4, and it looks like Week 5 will offer some thematic Halloween thrills.

Many video game studios like to offer unique content during Halloween, which is right around the corner. It is already known that a Halloween-themed DLC is in development. Similar to the one made for Borderlands 2, it should bring new areas to explore, special loot and a challenging boss.

It is also implied that a ghost mechanic will be used. Upon killing enemies, ghosts will spawn and try to chase the players. If they manage to reach them a debuff will affect accuracy for a short period. Killing the ghosts will play an essential role, as it will pave the way towards reaching the new map.

An assortment of special loot will be available, including new legendary weapons, a shield, a grenade mod, and normal weapons with enhanced statistics. Fresh customization items will also drop.

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