Brawl Stars 26.170 Update – Gameplay Changes and New Brawler

The developers from Supercell are improving their Brawl Stars mobile game even more, so that players will compete with each other in an even more enjoyable way. Released only about three years ago, Brawl Stars became a popular multiplayer online game where players can embark themselves in exciting arena battles.

Brawl Stars recently received via OTA (over the air) channels a new update that sports the 26.170 version number. This is a high-priority update, therefore the players are adviced to install the release ASAP. Let’s dive right into some of the most exciting patch notes:

New Brawler: Jacky

  • Main Attack: Groundbreaker – the character hops on the Jackhammer to create earthquakes. Therefore, surrounding enemies will suffer.
  • Super Ability: Holey Moley – the character makes a hole in the ground, and it pulls in foes.
  • Gadget: Speed boost – the character can move faster when it gets a boost of energy.
  • Star Power 1 – when the character is attacked, it can reflect the damage back to its opponents
  • Star Power 2 – the character can reduce some of the incoming damage

New Skins

  • Darryl Rework
  • Mascot Darryl for 80 Gems
  • PSG Shelly for 80 Gems
  • Dark Bunny Penny for 10 000 Star Points
  • College EMZ for 500 Star Points


  • Jacky: gets a burst of energy and then it’s capable of moving 38% faster for 3 seconds.
  • Pam: triggers her healing turret to create a healing burst that revitalizes herself and nearby allies.
  • Bo: drops a totem that will recharge his and any allies’ Supers for a certain area.
  • Rico: it blasts bouncy bullets in all directions.
  • Primo: grabs the closest opponent and flips him over his shoulders.
  • Jessie: triggers a shockwave from the turret, slowing all enemies from the surrounding area.
  • Mortis: spins his shovel, and thus hitting enemies around himself for 1300 damage.
  • Gene: all enemies close to this character are instantly pushed away.
  • Poco: heals 500 health per second for 5 seconds, along with some allies.
  • Carl: drops hot rocks behind his cart that damages enemies who are touching. This deals an incredible 300 damage per second.
  • Piper: fires 4 quick shots at his closest opponent. Each shot deals 400 damage.
  • Bea: drops honey pot that slows down all enemies that get too close.
  • Bibi: heals 600 health per second for a short time: only 4 seconds.
  • Leon: this character creates an illusion of himself to confuse opponents.
  • Sandy: falls asleep for 2 seconds and his health gets fully restored.
  • Rosa: fertilizes the surrounding ground and bushes grow to provide cover.
  • Crow: receives a shield of 60% for incoming damage that lasts 3 seconds.
  • Brock: it can propels high into the air when it blasts the ground below. The explosion creates 500 damage for nearby opponents.
  • Dynamike: it can throw multiple dynamites around himself. Each dynamite deals 700 damage to opponents.
  • Penny: blows up her cannon, and thus creating an explosion that crumbles walls and provokes 1500 damage for nearby enemies.
  • 8-Bit: he can instantly teleport to the Damage Booster, which is then destroyed.
  • Tick: creates a quick dash, leaving a mine on the ground
  • Max: dashes forward and thus becomes immune to all damage from opponents.
  • Frank: disrupts being stunned and temporarily becomes immune for any stuns, slows and knockbacks.

Bug Fixes

  • Mortis: Fixed an issue that was causing Mortis to dash inside walls
  • 8-BIT: Fixed an issue which prevented 8-BIT from using his main attack instantly after he was respawning in Solo Showdown
  • Brawl Ball: On the ground effects like Barley’s Super no longer deals damage after scoring a goal (the visual effect is still there)

Other improvements are also available, and you shouldn’t hesitate to explore them while updating the game if you’re a Brawl Stars fan! The game is available for Android and iOS, and it has over 100 million downloads until now.

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