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Brawl Stars v28.189 Update Available with A New Enjoyable Experience

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular mobile phone games of all time. It was launched in a “soft release” version on June 15, 2017, only a day after the developer announced it during a Supercell’s live-stream video.

Enjoyable Experience

Brawl Stars has some notable influences from multiplayer games like League of Legends and Overwatch.

It’s a multiplayer online battle arena game where you can fight against real players or AI rivals in various game modes. Players can choose between multiple brawlers, while they charge up their “Super” ability. Each brawler has a personal “Super” ability, which can, for example, spawn a turret or fully heal the player.

All brawlers have two passive abilities known as Star Brawlers and an unlockable ability called Gadget, which can be useful in certain situations.

It’s worth noting that Brawl Starts works on a freemium model with some microtransactions available.

Brawl Stars was also nominated for “Mobile Game” and “EE Mobile Game of the Year” at the 15th British Academy Games Awards.


The game’s evolution has registered occasional updates that either fixed minor mishaps or added new, enjoyable content.

The game has reached version 28.189, and we admire Supercell’s devotement to its fans.

Version 28.189 brings a lot of exciting stuff:

New environment – Super City

New Skins, Maps & others

New PvE Game Mode – Super City Rampage

Two Exclusive Skins

New Chromatic Brawler – Surge

New features were added – Players have access to new gadgets, can use pins in-game, and use the Extended Trophy Road.

You should be able to update the game. If the app hasn’t updated itself yet, check the game’s Google Play page and manually update it.

Try to avoid manually updating from random apk files to minimize the risk of getting hacked.



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