Bullet Echo 3.4.1 Update Comes With New Skins

One of the best features of smartphones is the ability to play mobile games when you have some time, so you can have some fun during a break or while traveling from one place to another.

The battle royale genre has been quite popular among mobile gamers, but many titles are quite boring as they bring nothing new to the formula besides a different name and graphics. Bullet Echo challenges the trend with fun gameplay mechanics that will keep players interested.

Great gameplay

The brilliant minds behind fun titles like Cut the Rope and King of Thieves have reinvented the battle royale with a surprising twist. In Bullet Echo, your vision is limited to the range of your lantern but you steps of other players as well as any gunshots that take place near you.

An isometric perspective will keep players engaged as they roam the map in search of enemies or run away from the scene of a kill before they become the next victim. Keep an eye out for boxes and other environmental objects that can provide some safety against bullets.

Intense PvP

Bullet Echo has been developed from the start with PvP in mind, and it offers a thrilling experience for players as they work hard to eliminate the other players on the map in Team vs. Team, hunt down enemies as a lone wolf in solo, or wage war in the excellent battle royale mode.

To ensure fairness while playing as a team, the level of all player characters is matched with the highest level in the party. Each hero comes with a unique ability kit, and more perks can be unlocked by increasing their power in the long run. New heroes, guns, perks, and other content are added on a regular basis.

The 3.4.1 update comes with new Grim Skins and a refreshed in-game shop.

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