Call Of Duty Mobile Might Soon Dethrone PUBG Mobile

Lately, Battle Royale gained massive popularity among shooter fans. On mobile devices, games such as Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Call Of Duty Mobile, more recently released, attract millions of players daily. But, as it seems now, Call of Duty Mobile might soon dethrone PUBG Mobile, as more and more Battle Royale fans turn their attention to Activision’s game.

The Tencent Game’s official Android emulator, Gameloop, is popular among PUBG Mobile fans. However, Call of Duty Mobile is also available on Gameloop. That, undoubtedly, attracted some PUBG Mobile players, and the game became quite popular on that platform.

Nonetheless, on mobile devices, the title also attracted many Battle Royale fans, the game already totaling millions of players at the moment. Their number, however, is expected to grow significantly once the game receives more content and updates.

Call Of Duty Mobile Might Soon Dethrone PUBG Mobile

In terms of feature, Call of Duty Mobile seems more fun and fast-paced than PUBG Mobile, while the latter is much more based on strategy and stealth, in appearance. Some unexperienced PUBG Mobile players might find Call of Duty Mobile much appropriate for their gameplay.

Besides, Call of Duty Mobile comes with a very exciting multiplayer mode and a lot of content from the franchise, two things that would definitely attract the fans of Call of Duty series. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, had already made a name for itself and some fans might want to try something fresh.

Nonetheless, Call of Duty Mobile seems better optimized for mid-range mobile than PUBG Mobile, so it might attract more players that want to test the Battle Royale genre without jumping in a game as challenging as PUBG Mobile. What’s for sure is that, soon, Call of Duty Mobile would receive more updates and content, and that’s another reason why it might soon dethrone PUBG Mobile.

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