Call of Duty Modern Warfare Devs Announced More Loadout Slots Via Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been waiting and asking for more loadout slots, and developer Joel ‘ArtPeasant’ Emslie has finally spoken up. In a recent Reddit thread, the developer acknowledged the limitations of only five spaces is an issue that they are willing to fix in the future.

When Modern Warfare was released in October, developers didn’t comment on the limited number of class slots they offered players. In the previous Call of Duty games, players were able to unlock new slots when they prestige, but there is no Prestige mode in Modern Warfare.

However, designer ArtPeasant explained why this would change in a future update. Previously, Co-Design Director Joe Cecot stated that the dev team has thought of adding more slots, and on January 1st, Art Director Emslie answered a fan’s plea.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Devs Announced More Loadout Slots Via Update

“Dear developers at Infinity Ward: Please, I am BEGGING you to add more custom class slots,” wrote Reddit user PavilionParty. Emslie responded, delivering some valuable information:
“You and everyone else that has commented on this are right. It’s in the mainline back at the studio, and we’ve been tinkering with it. I’m not sure which update it’s in, but I think it’s next. Believe it or not, it can cause horrible bugs if not tested properly. I’m not certain about all this, so don’t get fired up on me if I’m wrong. Since I’ve commented here, I’ll stick with the issue at the studio.”

Aside from that, ‘ArtPeasant’ said a few words about adding more classes, he said that there are “tens of thousands of tasks that lead up to the launch of the game,” and the dev team had to prioritize issues over other tasks. The three-year development cycle wasn’t enough to create that much content.

The designer didn’t reveal how many loadout slots will be added, but adding five more would be perfect for the players that want to have more options before going into the battle. The good news is that it should be added in the next few updates if testing goes well.

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