Call of Duty: Warzone Challenge: Find the Easter Egg and Get a Firebrand Blueprint

Call of Duty: Warzone welcomed Season 6 recently and new challenges, too. An Easter Egg and a rare blueprint are now waiting to be discovered.

Season 6 introduced a new Subway fast-travel system and two new guns. The Subway has several different stations, right under some of the game’s greatest hotspots. The stations are identical and allow us to travel quickly. 

However, the Subway also hides a treasure, a new Easter Egg challenge. While it might not be quite as tricky as the previous one, cracking the code in the Subway can be seen as a matter of life and death. Here is what you need to know.

How About Making a Withdrawl?

Warzone’s newest Subway Easter Egg starts at the City Hall in Downtown, one of the biggest buildings in the G6 area. Once inside, jump over the bank desk and try the code 2719.

The floor will fill with gas, so you should move quickly to analyze the keypad room computer. Carefully note all the numbers, including the minus/plus symbols. 

Next, return to the main room by jumping back over the bank desk. Take a look at the paintings that correspond to the numbers and match the symbols on the computer to the numbers. 

You’d receive the Subway Override Authorized message if you did everything correctly. 

Straight to Underground

After receiving the message, go to the Verdansk Airport subway station just added to Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6. 

From there, go down onto the platform, search for the side room, and you’ll find a computer. Wait for another message saying: “A.E. Train Arriving Soon.”

Hop on the train, and you’ll be taken to the secret bunker. The destination will bring you a reward, the Firebrand blueprint, a legendary version of the Bruen MK9 light machine-gun. 

Don’t forget to check out the Season 6’s Roadmap and see what else is coming soon!

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