Call of Duty: Warzone PC Requires Now Two-Factor Authentication

Infinity Ward’s latest update includes a two-factor authentication for PC players. Such a security measure was applied for Call of Duty: Warzone. Players now must go through two-factor authentication via text messaging each time they log in.

COD developers have rolled out the extra security feature for those playing only on the free-to-play client. Those who access the battle royale via Modern Warfare, won’t be bothered by such an update. They should expect, however, some changes in the following months. Until now, PlayStation and Xbox were the only platforms that received the two-factor authentication feature.

COD: Warzone’s Two-Factor Authentication Details

Infinity Ward announced on Twitter the two-factor authentication update for PC players who log in as free-to-play. The company explained that the feature is designed to offer PC players “an additional layer of security.” Players should also expect an enhanced gameplay experience.

It’s nice to see that Infinity Ward tries its best to keep the security of the game up-to-date. There are, however, other features that we await, such as a way of detecting cheaters by preventing their bots from being able to log in.

COD: Warzone So Far

COD: Warzone was welcomed by 50 million of players only in the first month after it was released. The free-to-play battle royale video game had long surpassed such number and set some significant records. Warzone is part of the 2019 game title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but players don’t need to purchase it. The game also allows online multiplayer fights among 150 players in the fictional region of Donetsk city in Eastern Ukraine.

Warzone introduced both cross-platform progression and cross-platform play between both games, and a new currency system dubbed “Cash.” It features as well, two main modes, the Battle Royale and Plunder. On March 17, a solo mode was added to the game.



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