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Calvin Harris owns a Mac Pro… before its official launch date

Every now and then, Apple releases new iterations of their famous Macbooks, but this year will mark the launch of their new Mac Pro, which is supposed to be a revolution in the world of computers, and its aimed towards intensive users, such as those who edit video content or images (and the starting price of $5.999 really highlights that).

The official date of launch for the Mac Pro was set for “this fall” but it turns out that DJ Calvin Harris already uses one, as it was revealed by himself accidentally in a recent Instagram story.

The video

Last Saturday, the DJ posted an Instagram story which recorded some of his music and a quick walk around his production studio, but the interesting part is that a Mac Pro with its specific cheese grater case look and the afferent carry handles was laying around on the floor close to a desk.

The frame of the new Mac Pro is made out of stainless steel and the housing consists of aluminum while the design features a unique pattern that should boost airflow and provide silent operation. 

What could this mean

The fact that a professional music creator has access to a high tech workstation which hasn’t been officially released yet might mean that Apple shared some machines as demos in order to promote the product by showcasing its power and potential.

Technical specs

The new Mac Pro is packed with processors up to 28 cores from Intel’s Xeon lineup, up to 1.5TB of EXX RAM, SSD storage ranging up to 4TB and AMD Radeon Pro Vega II graphics with 64GB of HBM2 memory. On the connectivity side, the Mac Pro features eight PCIe expansion slots for enhanced performance, expansion and configurability.



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