Can we Swim in Public Pools During the Pandemic?

Summer is drawing ever closer. Temperatures are constantly rising and people who look for something to do outside have been putting thought into what they should be doing at the swimming pool. The question arises: will citizens be able to safely get around the swimming pool?

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has proved that there is no actual proof that the novel coronavirus can infect people through products like water playgrounds, hot tubs and swimming pools. According to the center, the spread of the virus should not be a problem if the water is properly disinfected with chemicals, especially chlorine.

On the subject of reopening public schools, the CDC has suggested to local health officials to make decisions while respecting the guidelines of the agency. In a public statement, representatives of the CDC have said that operators of local pools can reach out to the local authorities for advice on how to implementing social distancing measures.

According to the current guidelines, people are supposed to wear face masks. The exception to this rule is when they are actually inside the water. People that go the pool are recommended to wash their hands as often as possible and cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.

The agency also recommends disinfecting surfaces that are touched often. Examples of such surfaces include handrails, pool noodles, kickboards, restroom surfaces and door handles. The CDC also said that recommendations put in place according to which people should keep a distance of 6 feet between each other remain valid. They also recommend that people do not share items between themselves with people that do not live in the same household.The final recommendation made by the CDC is that layouts of furniture and seating areas be changed in such a way that social distancing can be kept.

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