Candy Crush Saga Update Adds New Levels

It’s been more than seven years since Candy Crush was unleashed upon the world, but the popular title remains quite popular among millions of people from all over the world.

King, the developer of the game,  has stated that more than one trillion levels have been played and the hit match-three game has been deemed to be one of the most successful games of all time. Read below to learn more details about the game.

Sweet gameplay experience

Enjoy a tasty match-three experience as you match delicious candies in an attempt to complete levels. Make the right combos, and you will be rewarded with tasty bonus candy and powerful combo triggers. Harness the power of boosters to pass those levels that seem to be a bit too complicated and work your way through thousands of available levels.

New levels will test your skills and candy matching abilities every week. Even if you manage to finish all the available levels, there will always be a new challenge awaiting.

Great mechanics

Harness the power of good boosters that can give you an edge when you have to solve some difficult puzzles. Some boosters can be earned by playing the game, and there is also the option to acquire additional boosters by purchasing them with real-world money. Still, you can earn a generous amount for free by spinning the Daily Booster Wheel and participating in special events that offer them as rewards. Go for fresh challenges and enjoy several game modes among which we can count Clear the Jelly, Order Mode, Collect the Ingredients, and Target Score.

Connect your Facebook account to access leaderboards and compete against your friends for the top position. Be sure to launch to game from time to time so you can enjoy the limited-time events that offer a wealth of extra content.

The update comes with levels and performance improvements

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