PUBG Mobile Weapons – MK14 Vs Mini 14

pubg mobile

Which are the best DMR weapons in PUBG Mobile? The player’s opinions are split between either Mk14 or Mini 14. These are the two best weapons that you can use when planning a chicken dinner. Let’s find out why players believe these two weapons to…

The PlayStation Plus Games For May Leaked

playstation plus

The upcoming PlayStation Plus games are scheduled to be released the next month. However, a series of leaks is already showing a couple of the features of the long-awaited launch. The leaks were published by Resetera, but they seem to have nothing to confirm them….

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.2.0 Update Brings Redd And Leif

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Users can now access the latest version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The 1.2.0 release brings an impressive amount of extra features for its users. Fans will now be able to explore a much wider museum area, and additional vendors will soon be added to…

You Can Now Play Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

final fantasy 7 remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released on April 10, 2020. The fans of the action role-playing game were very excited and had been expecting it for quite some time. However, now that the long-awaited game is available, it took the fans by surprise to see…

How To Play Valorant With Your Friends


The new multiplayer game from Riot Games is already getting out of the beta phase. The name is Valorant and is part of the tactical shooter genre. Twitch streamers got a chance to test this video game ever since April 7, 2020. About Riot Games’…