“Black Desert Online” MMO Is Inventing A New Market

When it comes to the MMO games from the last decade, the things have changed a lot. Many of the MMO is now in a free-to-play model, and not on the subscription and premium purchases state. Of course, not all the MMOs are going in…

The Coronavirus Outbreak Raises Concerns About Retrieving Samples From Mars

NASA is sending a mission to Mars. The plan is to bring samples from the Red Planet, samples that will hopefully get answers about habitability up there. But the new Covid-19 virus here on Earth raises old fear — As early as Carl Sagan’s view…

PlayStation Plus Free Games For March on PS4

Even if it hard to believe we’re approaching March already, some things might bring us good news. The upcoming batch of PS Plus free games, for example, scheduled to arrive soon. Such an event, however, it will be available only for the PlayStation Plus members….

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Might Affect Apple’s iPhone 12 Preparations

Usually, the manufacturing of new Apple devices begins in the summer, but Apple officials visit China to perfect assembly lines during the first months of each year. Some former Apple employees stated that it “could be bad” if the company’s engineers won’t be able to…

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Came Out With New Weapons

Epic Games has opened its gates for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. A lot of vaulted weapons have made their return to the game. we will also get to see remote explosives and the Grappler come up with an easier way of countering excessive builders….