Beresheet spacecraft carried “water bears” to the Moon (and may have survived)

You’ve heard of men on the Moon, but do you know about water bears? Thousands of tardigrades, also known as “water bears” or “moss piglets,” were aboard the Beresheet spacecraft when it crashed on the moon in April. The tiny creatures are incredibly resilient and…

A close link between screen time and stress

People who are consciously addicted to screens are more likely to develop stress, says a new study from Concordia University. According to research conducted by neuroscientist Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, there is a strong link between technology dependence and mental health, especially between stress and screen time….

They find supernova dust in the snow of Antarctica; could be 20 million years old

Researchers found dust from the explosion of a star, or supernova, in the snow of Antarctica, according to a study published this month. The discovery could offer lessons about the history and location of the solar system in its environment, according tot he studies authors….

Jupiter got hit by a massive planet over 4 billion years ago

When Jupiter was still forming 4.5 billion years ago, something giant probably crashed on the planet and interrupted the process, according to a new study. NASA’s Juno spacecraft began orbiting Jupiter in July 2016. In addition to capturing stunning images of the gas giant, Juno…

There could have been life on Mars when it was warm and rainy, before winter came

Although Mars seems cold and inhospitable today, it was different 3,000 or 4,000 million years ago. A new study suggests that the Red Planet was once warm enough to house storms of rain and running water, which would have created an environment that could support…