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CC Cleaner Update 5.1.0 Brings New Bug Fixes and Improvements

Most modern devices, like PCs, smartphones, and tablets, tend to be affected by a variety of issues that come from daily use. These issues can range from a high amount of junk files to increased memory consumption or security issues.

CC Cleaner is one of the most popular optimizer programs in the world, and the Android app comes with a rich selection of features that will boost your Android devices with a few touches and revitalize even some of your older devices in a fast and efficient manner.

Optimize the use of resources

One of the main issues that can surface on mobile devices is the lack of available storage space. With CC Cleaner, it is easy to perform a scan and learn exactly how much storage space is available.  The app can clean junk and residual files in seconds, and the smart storage analyzer will offer valuable tips.

CC Cleaner can also observe how the other apps interact with your devices and find the ones that tend to consume an extensive amount of battery or data. Multiple apps can be uninstalled at the same time, and battery endurance can be improved with the help of the App Hibernation feature.

Faster, Smarter, Better

While modern smartphones are quite good at the way in which resources are managed, the OS won’t make the best choices every time. Use a handy task killer to boost the amount of available RAM instantly and enjoy superior performance in demanding apps.

Learn more about our device by observing CPU and RAM usage, available storage space, and battery state, all placed in one convenient place. The app is easy to use and comes with a friendly user interface that can be mastered and enjoyed by everyone.

The latest update for the app, 5.1.0, comes with new bug fixes, system-wide dark mode integration for Android 10 and much more.




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