Checkm8: Is This the Best iPhone Jailbreaking Crack

Just last month, a developer called Axi0mx released an iPhone crack, which is called Checkm8. It was made to attack a defect in the loc bootrom, which is a piece of code that has not been attacked since 2010. This bootrom is read-only, and its defects are unpatchable. They cannot remove the chip or swap it for a more robust code. This attack only works for Apple Watches with versions 1, 2, and 3.

This crack was meant for 11 generations of iPhones, but not the most recent ones. It comes with some limitations. For example, it has to run every time the device reboots, and it requires physical access when it comes to the boot time in order to work correctly. Despite this fact, Dan Goodin from Ars Technica said that Checkm8 comes actually as a benefit for researchers and hackers, jut by offering a way to access the lowest levels of these devices – something it has not to be done in almost ten years.

Axiomx and Goodin talked about the crack. The Axiomx says that the targeted devices can be ruined by Checkm8. Those iPhones that don’t have the secure enclave trusted module can always be attacked with Checkm8 and unlock the PIN. This secure enclave is present in those iPhones from model 6 and above. However, iPhone 5s and earlier models can be impacted by the attack.

Moreover, Axiomx thinks about those security researchers who want to find out more about iOS vulnerabilities without actually putting themselves in the Apple’s security program. Also, about those people who want to install apps from the alternative app stores.

He also talked about how Apple has been making the jailbreak process very difficult for users. He said that things were more natural a couple of years ago, before 2016, when the regular jailbreaks worked very well, and many people were actually able to jailbreak their devices. But this entire situation changed with iOS 9, and the jailbreaks are not reliable.

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