Chrome Removed the Intrusive Pop-ups: How to Enable the New Feature

You can finally say goodbye to all intrusive pop-ups thanks to Chrome’s latest update.

Google Chrome removed one of the most annoying things, the pop-ups! We can surf the web from now on without any pop-up apocalypse following us. Here is how you can enable the new feature so you can enjoy a better Chrome experience. 

Use Google Chrome and Block All the Annoying Pop-ups

You surely experienced this. You’re just visiting your favorite webpage, opening a few tabs to check out a thing or two, and then a pop-up box appears. Maybe it is only a notification bothering you for access to your camera or mic. Perhaps it’s a “system message,” warning that is ready to deliver some malware to your device. Whatever the situation, they’re the bane of a browser’s existence. 

If these things happened to you, you might want to let Chrome do the hard work from now, because thanks to Chrome 84, you can forget about those experiences. The most recent update is the first Chrome move to block notification pop-ups actively across less-known or trustworthy webpages. 

Google stated: “Protecting users from abusive sites improves user safety & privacy on the web, and makes for a better browsing experience.” Protect yourself from dangerous and annoying pop-ups following these steps:

  • Make sure Chrome is up to date by accessing the official Chrome website;
  • Go to the menu button at the top right (three dots) and select Settings;
  • Find About Google Chrome;
  • The browser will automatically scan for the latest updates ;
  • Update and relaunch the browser.

When this feature is activated, notification pop-ups from websites with spammy reputations will be hidden by default. And if you get a potentially abusive pop-up, you’ll notice a message that says that “notifications are blocked.” You can choose to allow some websites’ pop-ups to come through, selecting Allow or Continue Blocking. 

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