Civilization VI is Now Available For Free on Epic Games Store

After bringing Rockstar Games’ GTA V free for a week, Epic Games Store is now offering another blockbuster title.

Civilization VI will be available for free but for a limited time. The Firaxis Games’ turn-based strategy game was used to retail for $31.99, but now we can grab a copy for free. Here is what you need to know. 

Civilization VI Features and Other Details

If you prefer strategy/planning based game, then Civilization VI is for you. The game is a turn-based strategy 4X game developed by Firaxis Games. The most recent entry in the series was launched in October 2016 on Windows and macOS, in 2018 on Nintendo Switch, and last year, on PS4, and Xbox One. 

Civilization VI’s goal for players is to create a civilization from an early settlement through many millennia and achieve many victories to become a world power. Players have to face things such as military domination, cultural influence, or technological superiority. The game allows players to explore the world, found new cities, deploy military troops to fight and defend from others, and engage in negotiations with other world leaders. 

Civilization VI places more importance on the environment by “unstacking” city districts near particular terrain types. New features introduced include an enhanced government civics structure for those playing on a cultural victory way, research on the game’s technology tree based on nearby terrain, and new AI for computer-controlled opponents. 

The game’s first huge expansion, Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, was launched in February 2018. Then, in 2019 a second expansion called Civilization VI: Gathering Storm was introduced. In May 2020, The New Frontier Pass was released, as a session pass. 

Epic Games Stores is offering Civilization VI for free until May 28. Unlike GTA V, the game will only require 12GB of storage, 8GB RAM, and 2GB on the graphics card, for the best gameplay experience. 

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