Clash Of Clans Black Screen – How To Fix It?

Did you encounter the “black screen error” when playing Clash of Clans? Then this article is here to help you!

Clash of Clans is one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. Some gamers don’t enjoy playing the game on a small smartphone screen, so they go ahead and play it on PC with the help of emulators like “BlueStacks App Player.”

Unfortunately, some users reported a relatively common error when playing Clash of Clans on PC – The system would freeze/crash, ultimately blackening your screen.

Here are a few ways you can fix it:

Restarting The App

Open the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del simultaneously, locate BlueStacks, then click on restart.

Also, try restarting the game and see if the error has gone away. If it hasn’t, try the next method.

Reinstalling The App

First, close the game from BlueStacks.

Uninstall the game just like you would do on a regular Android smartphone.

After the uninstallation is finished, restart your computer.

Then, open BlueStacks again, open Google Play and reinstall Clash of Clans, just like you did the first time you installed it.

Reinstalling BlueStacks

In some cases, the black screen error is caused by BlueStacks. You can uninstall the player and then reinstall it. You will also need to reinstall Clash of Clans.

Updating Drivers

Clash of Clans is a graphically-intense game, so it needs optimal conditions to run. However, if your computer drivers are out of date, you might experience errors, just like the black screen.

Make sure to get your graphics card driver updated by going to its manufacturer’s website and checking if there’s any new issue of the corresponding driver.

You can also get a driver updater that will scan your computer for outdated drivers and take care of all the hard work for you.

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