Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9 Latest Tips and Tricks

If you upgrade your game, you know that Builder Hall 9 is the new level, and it’s still fresh. If you want a new base design for it, we can give you some tips on how to make it. Unfortunately, you will need to change the last base you have, because being so popular, everybody knows how to beat it, so your defense will be down. If you want to try something new, we propose BH9 for 50% more performance on your security.

Builder Hall 9

For a start, you must have a minimum defense Level 8, higher it’s much good, of course, and while you are defending, you must not have another upgrade on the roll. The design of the base is like a diamond shape and some lines of walls that have the purpose of defending your Builder Hall. Protecting your Builder Hall will prevent attackers from approaching you on air or ground, and you won’t give an additional percentage to him. The attacker could take other routes but are a little bit harder, and the percentage attack will be smaller. Besides this, the methods of attach are through air attach with Minions, DropShips, or Baby Dragons; through Hog Glider, or on the ground through Bomber, Barbarians, Cannon Carts, Giants, or even PEKKAs.

However, on a ground attack, you will find that the bombers are the first ones in charge of the assault. We must take them out of the game first, and you can do this with this base. You can win on the ground attack by having three layers of walls and the Archer Tower that will do its job. Regarding the air attacks, you can spam the Minions, and drop the Battle Machine and the DropShips. The builder can last on the attacks, and the adversaries won’t take 2 Star if you use the Mega Tesla and the Air Bomb Factory.

Finally, the Hog Glider not being in any of the two categories; they can win advantage if you don’t have a good defense. If you have this kind of Builder Base, you stand an excellent chance for exceptional security and win.

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