Clash of Clans December Update Will Enhance The Recruitment Tool

Clash of Clans may have been released several years ago, but the title remains a hit among many smartphone owners.

A critical factor that contributed to the popularity of the title is the release of new updates that bring fresh content and a variety of features. The anticipated December update is surrounded by a large amount of interest, as many players are looking forward to it.

Some of the most anticipated changes are related to the handy clan recruitment tool that is quite popular among many clan leaders.

The tool is powered by a sophisticated algorithm and machine learning system that observes player behavior and uses the data to offer suggestions. It will be improved to provide a better country and language matching the future.

Clash of Clans December Update Will Enhance The Recruitment Tool

A selection of features demanded by players will also make an appearance. The Find New Members list will now offer Clan Badges; prospective players can be sorted by adding a minimum Town Hall level requirement to Clan Settings, and a new View Clan Button is available for invitations. Among the features teased by Supercell is Town Hall 13, a significant boon for players that have reached the endgame and are ready to take their base to the next level.

The clan recruitment tool was added via the October update as a replacement to global Chat. Supercell decided to remove the global chat feature, arguing that, in many cases, the discussions devolved into senseless fights among players.

At this point, the tool is not perfect, but it can facilitate the task of recruiting new players, and the upcoming update should make it even better.

It seems that the upcoming update is loaded with new stuff as eagle-eyed fans spotted signs that infer the addition of a new hero, a new unit, and a new building besides the base upgrade and other quality-of-life changes. According to some sources, the update could be released between December 9 and December 13.

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