Clash of Clans Spring 2020 Update Comes With Content, Improvements, And More

Supercell Games confirmed the latest Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update recently. And as announced, now devs are offering details about the quality of life improvements. The new arrivals aren’t too much, but they sure bring some features long-requested.

The most significant upgrade, for example, is an option in the troop request menu that, as devs detailed, “will allow you to request only the specific Troops you would like in your Clan Castle.”

Such an upgrade was highly discussed on Supercell forums. It should also end XP farming by Req and Go clans and the spam donations.

Clash of Clans New Features and Improvements

Clash of Clan’s Castle Troops can now be deployed in a particular order. The most decreased housing will space first, and it could finally get by the lowest level first. Such a change should diminish the randomness of attacks, perfect for when it comes to competitive games.

It’s still unknown if this change is available for defense, as well. The priority between goblins and archers will be “sort by some background ID information,” according to Supercell’s Darian.

The Hero Skin UI is now redesigned, and a Hero Preview tab is available under the Village Profile. Also, when receiving rewards from Clan Games, you can choose Gems instead, if you don’t have enough storage space. The claimed Gems are based on the average price the particular item sells.

As for the Clan War League screen in the Champions leagues, it is unavailable to those who don’t have a role and not part of the Clan’s League roster. Such upgrades will reduce and minimize opposing spying on rivals or Clans infiltrating by teaming up with the enemies’ Clans.

Moreover, the Valkyrie level 9 will arrive at the Town Hall 13 following the latest Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update. The title “SUPER” has been spotted as well, hinting at a Super Valkyrie.

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