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Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks – How To Earn Free Gems

Many Clash of Clans players know that Gems are an excellent and versatile currency that can be used to finish lots of tasks at a faster rate, including the construction of building updates or producing new troops. Gems can also be spent to unlock more builders, which are quite handy since you can complete more tasks each day.

A small number of free gems will be offered during the first days of play, and there is always the option to purchase them with real money. If you wish to earn gems without the need to spend a dime, follow the tips that can be found below.

How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Earn achievements

Achievements come with a generous amount of experience and gems, a trait that makes them an excellent choice for earning free gems. Each achievement has three tiers, which means that there are many opportunities to get some gems.

Another advantage is represented by the fact that most achievements can be completed in time by playing the game at a relaxed pace, without the need to rush. Hoard those gems, and you will gather enough to get more villagers.

Clear obstacles from the village

Several obstacles can be encountered as players continue to expand their village. To remove them, you have to spay elixir and gold, but there is a great reason to track them down and remove them as fast as possible. In some cases, they will spawn a few gems after they are removed, and you can collect them for free. They also count towards the fulfillment of some achievements.

The Gem Mine

Players who enjoy the PvP aspect of Clash of Clans should be familiar with the Builder Base. Clearing the trees and stones found in and around the Builder Base will offer rewards, but players have the chance to repair and upgrade the Gem Mine, which provides a steady supply of gems at a reasonable pace.



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