Clash of Clans update 13.0.4 Launched With Many Novelties, Including Town Hall 13

Clash of Clans was released several years ago, but the legendary title created by Supercell has remained a hit among many smartphone owners. Read below to learn more about the game and its excellent features.

Clash of Clans features

  • Build a kingdom – Take control of a small-time village and built the greatest kingdom in the world. Update your buildings, amass resources, assemble your armies and march them towards victory!
  • Rule the Clan Wars – Showcase your military strategy in Clan Wars and join your clan members in battles against other clans spread across the world. Climb through the ranks and prove that you are the best team in the game.
  • The might of Clan Leagues – Do you think you have what it takes to battle the best in the world? Join Clan War Leagues and let rivals know that you are indomitable. Defeat them and become the champions!
  • Clan Games – Join your clan members in Clan Games and earn impressive Magic Items besides valuable rewards and resources.
  • Your base, your rules – Personalize your base and create a layout that cannot be conquered. Upgrade your buildings to unlock new troops, train a variety of units and place troops, use Heroes, and cast spells to pave your way towards victory. Only one can win the battle. Will you be one?
  • Battle the Goblin King – Fight against the Goblin King and his cronies in a robust campaign that takes you across the realm!
  • The mystery of the Builder Base – Explore the mysterious Builder Base to unlock new buildings and units!

The new content in Clash of Clans 13.0.4

The 13.0.4 update arrives with a wealth of exciting content:

  • Town Hall 13 – Upgrade your Town Hall to level 13 to enjoy a new endgame experience as new defense levels, troop levels, a Hero unit, and the Siege machine will be unlocked.
  • Unleash the Giga Inferno – Harness the power of the Giga Inferno to turn your enemies into smoking cinders.
  • The Royal Champion – A new hero is present in the form of the Royal Champion, who can jump over walls and target defenses. Hit up to 4 targets with the mighty Seeking Shield!

Clash of Clans 13.0.4 is available to download from the Google Play Store.

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