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Clash Of Clans Update – Going To War Strategy

Developed by Finnish, Clash of Clans was first released in 2012 and is one of the most played games in its genre. It can be played in single-player mode or multiplayer online.

In Clash of Clans, the player takes up the role of chief of a village.


The resources that you receive for building your town after attacking other towns are elixir, gold, and dark elixir.

Players can make groups that are called clans. A group can hold up to 50 people.

The Gameplay

Clash of Clans can only be played online, even if you want to play a single-player game.

The game’s four types of resources are also called currencies because of their value.

Building In The Game

The resources gathered by players from attacking others have to be stored in designated places – for example, you need to make a gold mine to store gold.

Clan Wars

Clan war is a war for resources and supremacy between players.

Builder Base

The Builder Base feature was introduced in 2017, and it allows players to create a new village (again), and also start building.

Clash of Clans has a huge player base all across the world, and many related events take place yearly. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and improve your strategy and patience.



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