Connect DualSense to PC: Here’s How to Do it

The much-awaited PS5 is almost here, and we can’t wait to try the next-gen experience. 

But, some fans are already getting their hands on the PS5’s DualSense controller. You can use the controller, too, on a PC.

The following guide will help you figure out how to connect the DualSense controller to your PC.

Here is what you need to know.

Connect DualSense to a PC

First step

Use a USB cable to plug the DualSense controller into your PC. If you want to use this method, check if you have a cable with a USB-C connector. The controller doesn’t support the micro USB connectors at all.

But, if your PC has Bluetooth, then you can connect the controller quickly. Just hold down the PS and Create buttons on the controller until you notice the lightbar blinking. 

Next, go to your PC’s Bluetooth connections and simply add the “Wireless Controller” you see there. The pairing will be complete in only a few seconds.

Second step

Now, you have to set up your DualSense controller. You can do this via Steam. 

Go to the General Controller Settings of Steam’s Settings and navigate to the lost on the left side. You’ll notice at the bottom of the list a “Detected Controllers” section.

Select the controller and hit “Define Layout.”

Next, you’ll see a new screen with two columns, one for Buttons and the other for Commands. You have to assign the buttons on the DualSense to the required commands. 

If everything were done correctly, your DualSense controller would work like a charm while playing your favorite PC game.

At the moment, we can connect the controller to a PC only using Steam. Perhaps, other launchers will support, too, the DualSense controller. 

Sony’s next-gen console is set to debut on November 12/19, depending on location. More details will soon be unveiled.

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