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COVID-19 Forces Apple to Delay the Release of iPhone 12 – See For How Long

Although it seemed like Apple’s plans cannot be ruined by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Cupertino-based tech giant has its limits. The US is the most affected country by the disease, easily surpassing China. With over 1 million infected people and a death toll of almost 60,000, the US is seeing plenty of its activities either postponed or canceled.

And now it’s Apple’s turn to face some unpleasant restrictions because of the pandemic. Therefore, the company’s next flagship will be launched most probably in October. This means a delay of a month, considering that everyone is expecting to see the iPhone 12 launching in September.

Factories and stores are being closed, halting the iPhone 12 production

The new coronavirus outbreak has forced Apple to close its smartphone factories and stores from various countries. This is obviously affecting the company’s upcoming devices, which includes the iPhone 12 gadgets.

The world was already very amazed last year in September when Apple brought up its iPhone 11. The 2019 flagship of the Cupertino-based manufacturer proved to the world that smartphones being too fragile is just a prejudice. iPhone 11 has both killer specs and durability, being a strong phone comparable to the very obsolete Nokia 3310.

Obviously, we can expect Apple to raise the stakes even higher with its upcoming iPhone 12 and build a more powerful and useful phone than its successor iPhone 11. Thus, we can expect from the upcoming flagship iPhone to have specs higher than the following: 3969 mAh battery, 4 GB of RAM, video recording in 4K format, IP68 dust/water resistance, and so on.

iPhone 12 just has to be a significant upgrade for iPhone 11, and it will also have to feature 5G compatibility. Although a lot of people are thinking about the 5G technology as being only a caprice, their idea is far from the truth. For instance, 5G will reduce traffic accidents by predicting easily any road dangers.




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