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COVID-19 May Have A Long-Lasting Impact On The Smartphone Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world in a few months as countries went into lockdown, business closed, and people had to work from home.

In some places, the authorities have started to end the lockdown and introduce small-scale changes, but some industries have been affected heavily by the recent events, and the smartphone industry is one of them.

Trends have slowed down

Less than half a year ago, smartphone manufactures were busy with the development of flexible smartphones, which seemed to be the next big thing along with 5G, and higher performance targets.

Smartphones seemed to become more powerful as manufacturers raced to cram faster chips, more RAM, and better storage solutions in their devices, hoping to attract more customers who were interested in flagship models.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread the life of millions of people was altered. They had to stay at home, factories and offices were shut down, and paychecks were trimmed in accordance in many cases. Interest in flagship smartphones has fallen spectacularly in the meantime, as many prospective customers have shifted their gaze of mid-range models.

More power at lower prices

As smartphones continue to evolve, the lines between budget, mid-range, and high-end models continue to become increasingly thinner. Some companies offer powerful mid-range devices that can compete with and even outperform flagships in some cases, as high-power components become more affordable and can be included in a large number of devices.

An obvious example is represented by the use of SoC like the Snapdragon 765, Samsung Exynos 880 and MediaTek Dimensity 820, which can deliver an immersive performance and also feature support for 5G. These chips can power affordable devices that offer a great user experience without the need to pay extra for the brand name.

While the market seems to shift away from premium-priced devices, new flagships will likely be released in the following months.



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