Creative Destruction Update 2.0.3881 Adds Pet Improvements

The battle royale genre became popular a few years, and it continues to enjoy millions of fans from all over the world. A large number of battle royale games have been released for smartphones and tablets as players love the thrill of a match while commuting from one place to another or relaxing in bed.

Owners of mobile devices can choose from a large selection of battle royale games, with one of the most popular ones being Creative Destruction. The game allows up to 100 players to enter the fray and wage battle as they scavenge, shoot, and construct their path towards victory.

Massive arsenal of players

Weapons are an essential part of any shooter game, and Creative Destruction comes with a vast collection of deadly weapons that can be used to defeat enemies in a variety of situations. Use sub-machine guns to spray rivals with bullets, blow them away in close quarters with shotguns and deliver a swift death with the RPG7.

Use the Deconstructor to collect valuable materials from houses, buildings, and cars. The materials can be employed to build walls and stairs, which can be used to reach tactical positions and dodge shots from other players in high-risk encounters.

Rule the map

Traverse a vast map that is filled with interesting locations. Search for loot in the massive Skye Eye, roam the massive Lion Park, and explore Eden Vines along with several other locations where loot, treasure chests, and enemies can be found.

Choose between third or first-person modes and play alone or with friends in exciting matches against other players as you run towards the safe zone and aim to become the last one standing on the battlefield.  Customize your character with impressive skins that look awesome and harness the skills owned by pets to gain an edge in combat.


The 2.0.3881 update comes with new improvements for pets and the in-game shop.

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